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Have you lately start to cancel your training classes? Have you recently get stucked in the sofa with take away food instead of cooking your healthy dinner? Winter may be here and it’s easy to find excuses to stay inside instead of go out for a workout in the dark. We all been there. We all been off track with our healthy habits. But its okay! Every day is a new beginning and a fresh start. So let’s start together today!

We believe in keeping a balanced and healthy lifestyle not only give you strength in the gym, we believe it also gives you strength in your everyday life. So where do we start?

First of all, MAKE A PLAN.

We all have 24 hours a day and the key to sticking to your routine is to plan your day. Set a meeting with yourself at least 2-3 times a week. If its 30min or 60min doesn't really matter. Whats important is that you don't cancel on yourself. You wouldn't cancel a meeting with your boss right?


Not everyone makes best friend with the barbell in the gym and its nothing wrong with that. Find YOUR workout passion. Try a dance class, put the boxing gloves on or join that booty and abs class. All kind of exercise is better than nothing.


We all know a nice outfit makes us feel confident and great. Update your workout wardrobe with some nice items to feel fashionable while working out. Rawen Apparel has a wide range of colours and styles to please everyone.


If you still find it hard to stick to your plan we recommend you to buddy up with a workout buddy, Use each other to stay on track and push each other to the limit. Or why not plan a workout date? It's a great opportunity to catch up with an old friend during a walk or run.


If you have the money to invest in a personal trainer we recommend you to. A personal trainer can help you set your goal and join the ride. He or she will push you during the hard times and make sure you keep going. A personal trainer will also be able to guide you and help you stick to a healthy and balanced diet. The key to a happy and healthy life is to keep a balance between sleep, food and exercise.


Set a goal and choose a reward for yourself once you meet the goal. Treat yourself with an SPA day, a new outfit or maybe a nice dinner out? Whatever you choose we believe you deserve to spoil yourself after all hard work you put in. Keep it up, queen. You rock!

And last but not least remember…

Be Raw, Be You

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