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HIIT it hard!

We absolutely love the HIIT concept. The word stands for high-intensity interval training and yes it's hard but so effective. By working actively for approximately 90% of the time and only rest during a short burst of time you will both feel great and tone your body up. HIIT training is also great if you are a busy babe. All you need is to fit in your 15-30 min long workout 3-4 times a week.

Active work and rest

There are many ways to split your active work and rest but our all time favourite is 30 sec work and 10 seconds rest. If you are a beginner we recommend you to start with 30 sec work and 10-30 sec rest, Once you feel comfortable you can start with a shorter rest.

HIIT friendly exercises

Our aim with HIIT is to spike that heart rate and bring on that sweat party. Mix up your session with sprints, box jumps, jump rope, burpees, air squats, jumping lunges and high knees. If you plan to do your workout in a gym you can also add some slam balls exercises and weights. Be creative and work that body.

Now when you have some exercise ideas you can create your own program. Stick to 3-5 exercises with 30 sec work and 10-30 sec rest. Repeat your exercises until you complete your 15-30 min workout.

Benefits from HIIT

  • Effective workout in a short time
  • Fat burning and muscle toning
  • Boost your metabolism both during and AFTER training… Yes, you read right. Its proven that HIIT training burns fat even after your workout.

So go and HIIT it hard and remember…

Be you, be Raw, Be Rawen

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