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Want to know what it takes to be within the rawen team?

On a small Mediterranean Island called Malta, Rawen Apparel was born. With the roots in Sweden we have grown as a strong team with mixed nationalities and cultures. We are fun, hardworking and a passionate team with millions of creative ideas and plans. We believe in the mantra 'Make is happen'. We believe in 'better an oops then what if' attitude. We believe in 'together everyone achieves more'. Here you can find out more on what is going on behind Rawen and the Raw team behind the brand.
Mikael Nordlund COO


When the idea of Rawen appeared, we looked at the increase of all new apparel brands coming up on the market and thought that there was something missing. A brand that really put the designer and design in the right light of the creation. And of course we saw the opportunity to get a big bite of the market that comes with it.

With the Scandinavian simplicity and the mix of the creativity of the designer we want to bring apparel and functional fashion to whole European market.

The fashion industry has changed a lot the last 10 years, first of all the industry has created a whole new category of fashion. I don’t know the correct title of the new category so i am choosing to use Functional Fashion.

Never have we seen this level fantastic creative entrepreneurs creating a whole new industry, like the functional fashion show are offering today. And I get amazed almost every week when new design and new brands are coming up and actually are competing with the “GREAT” ones.

So I just want to say. Keep up the fantastic and inspiring work and creations.

BR, Mikael Nordlund, COO and Co-Founder of Rawen Apparel

COO Mikael Signature
Stephanie brand manager

Brand Manager

When I got the opportunity to become the brand manager for Rawen Apparel I said Yes withoutthinking twice. This is not an 8-5 work for me. It’s my passion. And once you work with your passion, you will never have a single boring day of work again. I strongly believe in our brand. I believe we have a very unique and beautiful design of high-quality products.

Rawen Apparel is a brand everyone can wear. With a background in the health and gym industry, I truly know how important it is to feel comfortable both during a workout and in everyday life. Except having a big passion for training and keepinga healthy lifestyle, I also have a big passion for clothes and fashion. My aim with Rawen Apparel is to become one of the leading sports apparel brands on the market,which offersa wide range of fashionable and functional clothes for all individuals. No dreams or goals are too big in this world.

I’m surrounded by hardworking people in a fun and relaxed environment and together,we have a great journey ahead.

Stephanie brand manager signature
Iro Graphic Designer


Originally from Greece, my dual nationality brought me to grow up in Malta, a country that’s streets are flooded by the beauty of nature, arts and architecture.

This upbringing inspired me and drove me towards graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics Design and Interactive Media from M.C.A.S.T. Institute for the Creative Arts, Malta. During my past five years of studying I have developed diverse strengths in numerous related software such as; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe AfterEffects, Autodesk Maya, Unity and Avid Pro Tools.

Being the first employee for the mother company Back on Track, I am proud to be part of the initial growth of Rawen Apparel. I have also had a passion to seek challenges and new adventures. They are hidden opportunities that help us thrive and evolve. Working at Rawen Apparel helps achieve these cravings whilst also allowing me freedom of expression in a creative manner. Moreover, I am a fitness junkie and thus I am lucky enough to be part of a team that allows me to amalgamate my Graphic Design skills whilst at the same time designing fitness clothing that aid both women and men feel their best whilst looking super stylish.

Looking highly forward to continue creating top designs in our upcoming editions!



My name is Ylenia, I am 24 and have lived all my life in the sunny Malta.From a very young age I loved to draw, and as I got older my passion for the arts grew.

As a self-thought artist, I am ecstatic to be able to use my skills and work for such a funbrand as Rawen. In my free time I still enjoy drawing with pencil and painting with acrylics,while my other big passion is animals, especially my little Pomeranian, Teddy.

I really enjoy creating the patterns and art works for Rawen using digital software,I look forward to creating many more collections and explore all the possibilities textile give us.It gives me great joy to see others wearing the designs I have created,and I am sure I will always have this feeling when seeing my art work being worn and enjoyed.

Keep an eye out for our new collections, as I have many exciting ideas for the future!

Back-End Web Developer

A young keen developer that finished my studies at Middlesex University. I eagerly acquired my degree in Computer Science at the age of 18, falling in love with the complexities of solving problems. With experience in various projects from all walks of developing, I found myself starting my career with this amazing team working hand in hand for the company evolving my skills and knowledge.

I believe that anything can be achieved through buckling down and challenging yourself enough.

Rawen Apparel has proved to me the above statement and I am lucky to be part of such an experience.

Front-End Web Developer

23 years old with a lot of different skills in the development environment. I am constantly challenging myself while keeping a positive attitude. Testing my knowledge with a great pleasure of working inside a great team.

Mainly self thought and highly enthusiastic, I managed to work my way up in my career. I believe that with the right motivation and attitude anyone can set themselves out to do what their dream persists, and I can say that Rawen Apparel can help you achieve this dream.

Rawen Apparel have given the perfect opportunity to truly show my expertise to the world and fully express my abilities.

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